Richmond Carpet Cleaning | How To Effectively Clean Your Carpets

True Clean Richmond was the best carpet cleaning company in Richmond, Va.  We ensure the highest customer satisfaction and guarantee our work.
With over 20 years of experience, We have built our business from one truck, to a 12 truck mounted cleaning fleet.  Not only do we have the absolute best truck mounted cleaning system in the industry, our skilled technicians have gone though extensive training to make sure you get the best professional carpet cleaning service.

We value your home.  That is why we use corner protectors so our hoses and lines won’t damage the paint on your walls. We also have copious amounts of towels on every truck because let’s face it- water will drip, inevitably.  Bottom line, you won’t have to worry about ruined hard wood floors.

Carpet cleaning companies who use the traditional “wands” are actually out of date.  We use a patented buffer that agitates tough traffic lanes and extracts dirt and soil from your carpets and rugs.

Aren’t you tired of your carpets taking a day or more to dry?
Our patented green certified cleaner does not soak your carpet down to the pad, allowing your carpets to dry in 2-4 hours.  Rugs, Carpet, and Upholstery that are wet for a long time after cleaning may develop mold and mildew that is extremely harmful to your health!

The power of heated carbonation suspends the soil and is extracted to our reserve tank in our truck mount.  No harmful chemicals are used. By the way, isn’t shampoo supposed to be for hair?

Isn’t soap supposed to be for your hands?

We don’t Lorreal your carpet.  Chesterfield Carpet Cleaners will use our patented carbonated cleaning solution to ensure you will have the healthiest and most thorough cleaning possible.

Gum, makeup, food, drink, pet accidents, and general wear and tear can be a real pain to maintain.  Having your home cleaned once or twice a year can help prevent permanent stains and ugly traffic lanes from persisting.  When you book an appointment with us, a Chesterfield carpet care technician will advise you on how often to have your home cleaned.

Our mission is to clean for your health.  Even though your rugs and upholstery may appear clean, they tend to accumulate dust and other allergens that may be harmful to your health.

We want every one to live in a healthy home.

So why choose us?

1.  Hassle Free-  Our Customer Service Reps are truly phone angels.  Don’t expect to talk to a grunty person from Comcast or Verizon!  We understand you have a busy life, and a lot of questions to ask!  We are friendly, kind, patient, and 100% American.  Do you need a morning appointment, or an afternoon appointment?  Our customer service girls will happily assist you and book your cleaning appointment.  When the exciting day comes when we clean for you, our technician will call you and give you a heads up when they will be there!

2.  Guaranteed Stain Removal-  Please read this very carefully.  We do one heck of a job getting stains, and spots out of your carpet.  If any spot reappears after our cleaning, we will come back and take care of it for free!  Sometimes a stain can cause the fibers to completely change color.  When that happens, there fibers are chemically altered and may not be restored to the original color.  Usually stains do come out, but our technicians will use specialty spot and stain removers to make sure those eye sores come out!

3.  We service ALL of Richmond-  We service Chester, Colonial Heights, Powhatan, Midlothian, Bon Air, Richmond city, Henrico, Short Pump,  Mechanicsville, Ashland, Hanover, Glen Allen, Lake Side, and North Side.  If you don’t see your area listed, just give us a call and we’ll help.

4.  Guaranteed odor removal-  Whether it’s vomit, pet, or human odor, Chesterfield Carpet Cleaners will remove the offensive odors for you guaranteed.  If spots re wick, we will come back and remove the spot for you!

5.  15 minutes of free cleaning-  Did we mention we clean for your health?  We want to clean a baby seat, entry rug, return vent, car mats, dog beds, ceiling fan, cat tower or any small area rugs.  For free.

6.  Fast drying times-  Most steam companies will hook their system up to your hose spigot and soak your carpets like a shampoo commercial.  That’s a bad practice.  Our system allows 2-4 hour drying times as long as your central air fan is on as well as ceiling fans.

Are you ready to have your home healthy and clean?

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