Carpet Sealer – Ever heard of Scotch Guard?

When you buy brand new carpet, they are most often sealed with some sort of “Scotch Guard” type of protective coating. This sealant is super important because it prevents spots turning into stains and many other reasons that you’ll discover on this page!

For the sake of analogy, think of it as cooking with a teflon pan versus a rot iron skillet.  You know when you cook an egg on the teflon, it’s easy to clean because the egg isn’t sticking to the pan.  When you cook with a rot iron skillet (with out butter or Pam or whatever) the egg will want to stick to the pan and not only are your eggs ruined, but it’s a pain in the rear to clean.

It’s …close to protected carpet versus “naked” carpet.

Our brand of carpet “Scotch Guard” is called Super Gaurd. Not only does it prevent stains from forming, but it also acts a protective layer in your main traffic lanes, and a vacuum enhancer as well.

Wouldn’t you want the sealant to take the wear and tear of everyday use instead of the naked fibers?  Even with a protective coating, your carpet can appear it has that “traffic lane grey” in the main traffic areas.

After a thorough professional cleaning, the (protected) carpet cleans up extraordinarily well versus an unprotected carpet. This goes for area rugs too.

Every brand of protected coating is designed to be stripped off due to the pressure and extraction from a professional cleaning.

That means it’s extremely important to have the sealant re-applied after the cleaning is complete.

Not only is it better for the carpet’s longevity, it’s better for your health because it enhances the power of your vacuuming by preventing dust and hair to adhere to the fibers.

Why have us re-seal your carpets and rugs?

Because we offer a one year stain free warranty.  If you spill any food or drinks and can not get the spot out with the spot remover you give you for free, then you can call us out to get the spot out.  Again, it’s good for an entire year.

We once did a job for a Richmond SEO business out in Henrico.  There were many coffee spills throughout the office.  After we cleaned their carpets, we sealed them up with our protection.  Now when we come in for a cleaning, all the spots come out because of our protection coating we apply.

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