How To Clean Filtration Lines

Uh oh.  You see those ugly black lines along the baseboards of your carpet!  Sometimes they can be located at doorways, near computers, and along the stairs too.  Attempting to get rid of them could possibly do more damage to your carpets.

What are filtration lines and why are they here!?

Filtration lines occur because there is a one to two inch crack between the wall and floor (along the baseboards).  Your air intake vent is doing it’s job by sucking in air so you HVAC unit is able to push air in your home.

When that air intake is sucking air in, it’s also sucking in dust from inside your walls.  Your carpets at the baseboards and at the doorways are acting as a filter and the tiny dust particles act as razor blades and slice up the fibers.

You might notice this too if your computer monitor is sitting on the carpet floor.  Computers and other high tech electronics create an electromagnetic field.  That is why computers and TVS get dusty so quickly.  We usually see these filtration lines around plastic rolly chair mats too.

Filtration line treatment is different from a standard carpet cleaning because we have to use a different cleaner as well a as a separate hand tool that’s able to get in the nook and crannies.

Before we go ahead with the treatment, we conduct a test and show you a before and after result.  Because the razor blade dust damages the fibers, the filtration lines don’t always clean up like new, but they usually clean up well.

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