Oriental Rug Cleaning Tips

Oriental rugs are absolutely beautiful.  They allow you to show off your gorgeous hard wood floors and bring out certain notes and nuances of your inner decor.  If you’re looking for the best oriental rug cleaning in Chesterfield, then you have come to the right place!

You probably thought you had to have some company come out and take your area rug away to the implant to cleaned, right?

Even after you spilled your glass of Merlot on it? Eek!

Guess what?

That’s not always the case.  We clean rugs in home, even if you spilled a glass of wine or if it gets general soil and wear.

Having your rug implanted can cost $3-$8 a square foot!

We can clean your lovely area rugs and oriental rugs at a fraction of the cost at $1-$3 a square foot- in your home!


Our method of cleaning area rugs isn’t too different than cleaning wall to wall carpet in terms of emitting cleaning solution.

The buffer we use does a wonderful job on synthetic fiber such as nylon and berber, but when we’re cleaning wool, we have to use a more gentle tool with the same bite.

Before a pre vacuuming procedure is done, the carpet technician will evaluate and measure the condition of your rug and point out any spots, stains, traffic patterns, or anything out of the ordinary.

Next, the technician will explain what has to be done and discuss any permanent damage on the oriental wool rug (let’s cross our fingers there aren’t).

Now he will apply the right pre spray treatment that will have 5-15 minutes of dwell time that will turn the spots and stains into a liquid extract-able form,  This also kills any germs and bacteria that may be present on the area rug.

After that, the real magic begins.  The heated encapsulation cleaner will clean and neutralize the carpet.  Like we said earlier, shampoo is for hair and not rugs and carpet.  We won’t use amateur cleaners that leaves dirt attracting residue behind. The heated encapsulation cleaner will leave your carpets and rugs clean, healthy, and residue free… and lookin’ real good!

Welp, you rugs aren’t gonna clean themselves!  Let us handle the dirty work!

Tips on taking care of your rugs

Avoid using Resolve and other over the counter products on wool-  This is so important because Resolve and oxy clean can actually damage and cause discoloration on your gorgeous orientals.

Vacuum often-  This is critical when it comes to rug and carpet care.  Dust actually acts like razor blades when they are in between the fibers and your feet!  Over time this will cause the colors to be dull which is permanent in some cases! Vacuuming a few times a week can help prevent this!  Beside…. it’s better for your home’s health anyway!

Flip your rugs-  The rug will start to look worn out in the traffic lanes over time.  If you have them cleaned once or twice a year, and flipped or rotated every few months, they will stay in good shape!

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