Pet Urine Removal

We know you love your pets, and so do we.  Dogs and cats can certainly brighten up your day after a long day of work.  On the flip side, it can be a huge pain to keep your home healthy and clean when they have accidents.

Before we go into our state of the art GUARANTEED pet odor removing product spiel, let us ask you a few questions.

Have you ever smelled pet urine, but had no idea where it came from?  Did the odor linger for a few days, then kind of…. went away?

Because Richmond can be a little bi-polar with our weather, the day to day humidity can be a huge factor when it comes to pet odor.  Why?  Because moisture in the air actually carries odor more so than dry air.  One day you think its there, then the next day you think your nose is playing tricks on you.

But in the cases where you are able to locate the urine, there are a few problems you may come across when treating it.

The pet urine treatment you used may have removed the odor, but the stain remained.  Sometimes pet urine cleaners have an enzyme that can possibly lock the stain in your carpet.  This is often permanent and a professional company may not be able to remove the stain!

The urine treatment may have removed the stain, but the smell returned after a few days.  This is because larger urine deposits make their way down to the padding and sub floor!  You would need copious amounts of “Whatever urine product” to remove the odor.

The stain and odor aren’t coming out!  Depending on the quality of your carpet or rugs, stains may be permanent if your carpet wasn’t protected last time it was cleaned.  Our exclusive pet urine treatment is usually successful in getting out the stains, but it’s not guaranteed.

When you have us in your home for a free pet odor evaluation, we will need all the rooms as dark as possible because we use a high tech black light that reveals pet stains in the UV light.
We also use a moisture meter that we probe down into the carpet that beeps when moisture is detected.

In order to guarantee pet odor removal, we have to treat each urine deposit down to the padding and sub floor.  Our product contains a unique oxidizer that explodes the odor causing salts in the urine.

At this point, the smell of the pee will be suspended out of the carpet and into the air.  It’s important that we open the windows and turn a fan on to allow the smell to leave the room.

In extreme cases, it may take up to 10 days for the odor to completely go away.  In usual cases it can take a few short days.  Make sure your rooms are ventilated and your HVAC fan is ON instead of on AUTO.  Air flow allows the urine smell to go.

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