Residential Carpet Cleaning Info

Wall to wall carpet is very cozy.  Whether it is traditional nylon, berber style, or even wool, our ten step process of cleaning carpet is second to none.

Before we even knock on your door, your front entry way will be swept.  We don’t want to bring the outside world into your home!

When you kindly let us gentlemen in your home, we’ll ask if your could turn your A/C on (as opposed to auto).  This ensures the quickest dry times so the moisture may evaporate.

Next, we will measure out the areas needed cleaned and also evaluate the severity of the spots, stains, odor, and worn fiber.

Which other companies have commercial grade vacuums that are used on all wall to wall carpets and rugs before the cleaning process begins?  Loose dirt and soil turns to mud when activated by water.  This pre dry vacumming process is so important because it enables the cleaning to be thorough and mud free.

Next, a high traffic pre spray will be applied on the traffic lanes and on the spots and stains.  With ten minutes of dwell time, the dirt and spots are now weakened and ready to be sucked up in our fancy truck mount.

Furniture such as night stands, coffee tables, sofas, and other small items will be moved and tabbed to prevent any stain damage to carpet, and any water damage to your belongings.

During this part, the cleaning begins! Our truck mounted system emits our patented heated carbonated solution through our patented power head cleaner.  It looks like a buffer, but it emits the cleaning solution, while it agitates those tough stains, spots, and traffic lanes.

Again, no shampoos or soaps will be applied.  That’s for hands and hair!  When those types of cleaners are used on your carpet, they leave dirt attracting residue behind.  That means your rugs and carpets will get dirtier faster.  Our carbonated cleaning solution has a pH of 7.0, and leaves zero residue behind.  We want your home to be cleaner and look as clean for as long a possible.

After the cleaning is complete, our skilled and handsome technicians will groom and spot clean any spots or stains that did not come out during the power head cleaning.

Our manager on site will now be your home tour guide on how awesome the cleaning results are.

What happens if some stains don’t come out?  Well, unfortunately it happens from time to time.  It’s the carpet not us.  Sometimes spills in the carpet want to change the color of the carpet.  We have a smorgasbord of specialty spot removers for an array of pesky stains. If our products don’t work, then it’s there to stay.  Please don’t try bleaching it or using “over the counter” products such as Resolve.  They can actually do more harm than good.

But hey…

Our system of cleaning is the best on the market.   We are the Ferrari of residential carpet cleaning.  The overall results will be mind blowing.  One little stain won’t over shadow the excellence you will experience.

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